Archives 2017 | Volume 6, Issue 2

An analytical study of different clinical presentation of Diabetes mellitus: Ayurveda perspective

Rupashri Nath*, Sisir Kumar Mandal

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2017;6(2):44-49

Bis-carbene metallic compounds: synthesis of imidazoline derivatives via cycloaddition reaction of isocyanides based on amidines

Hanan El-Sharkawy Ali*

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2017;6(2):50-54

A novel approach to construction and working of fluid filtration model: An experimental study

Asiya Shaikh*, Vivek Hegde, Srilatha Shanmugasundaram, Vighnesh Dixit

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2017;6(2):55-57

BOD reduction using spent tea waste from Tannery wastewater

Md. Nur-E-Alam, Md. Abu Sayid Mia*, MurshidJaman Chowdhury

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2017;6(2):58-62

The correlation of carbon source and ammonium accumulation in culture broth by nitrogen-fixing bacterial isolates

San San Yu*, Ei Phyu Kyaw, Tin mar Lynn, Zaw Ko Latt, Amy Aung, Tin May Sev, May Thet Nwe, Wai Wai Mon

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2017;6(2):63-67

Role of Madhuka Pushpa in Sandhana Kalpana; microbiological pharmaceutico-analaytical study

Mallya Suma V*, Juliet Elizabeth Castelino, MB Seema

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2017;6(2):68-72

Study on effectiveness of selected bacterial isolates on groundnut cultivation

Wai Wai Mon*, San San Yu, ReemonHtun

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2017;6(2):73-79

Implementation of IoT with Image processing in plant growth monitoring system

K.Lakshmi*, S.Gayathri

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2017;6(2):80-83

Chances of breast cancer with fibroadenoma- Review

Rihana Begum P*, Rejitha Thomus

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2017;6(2):84-86

Comparison of bentonite and zeolite as adsorbent purification process of patchouli oil (Pogostemon cablin)

Ika Sri Hardyanti*, Septia Nurkhalisa, Hanifatun Maghfiroh

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2017;6(2):87-90