Archives 2016 | Volume 5, Issue 3

Exploratory laparotomy in a neonate under spinal anaesthesia

Zara Wani*, Meenaxi Sharma

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2016;5(3):71-73

Microalbuminuria- an emerging risk factor in acute ischemic stroke

Thabish Syed*, Manju Pandey, J.P. Rishi, Dilip Ahir

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2016;5(3):74-78

Callus induction treatments influence antimicrobial effect of tissue culture-derived Thuja orientalis L.

H. Kamal*, Heba Shahin, Y. Mohamed-Yasseen, A. A. EL Heila

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2016;5(3):79-82

Green synthesis, characterization and antimicrobial activity of silver nanoparticles using Morinda pubscens J.E. Smith root extract

Kavitha Chandran C.I*, Indira G

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2016;5(3):83-86

A Comparative study on pytoconstitutents of Punica granatum flowers of Normal and Ornamental variety using TLC/HPTLC methods

Meera Devi Sri Paramashivam*, Ramasamy Duraisamy, Arul Vasu C, Ilavarasan R

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2016;5(3):87-91

Wear resistance properties of the commercial acrylic based artificial teeth

Khalida Akhtar*, Ikram Ul Haq, Nawshad Muhammad, Saira Ikram, S. Sajjad Ali Shah

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2016;5(3):92-95

Sonographic evaluation of gallbladder dimension in healthy adults of a South-Eastern Nigerian population

Ewunonu E.O.*

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2016;5(3):96-99

Gaussian mixture model: An application to parameter estimation and medical image classification


J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2016;5(3):100-105

Study on pyridazinone derivative MCI-154 as a cardiotonic agent

Mohammad Asif*

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2016;5(3):106-111