Archives 2015 | Volume 4, Issue 6

fH-aHUS hemolytic agarose plate: A descendents of Sanchez-corral assay for a rapid diagnosis of hereditary and acquired factor H-related Atypical Hemolytic Uremic Syndrome

Kheir Eddine Kerboua

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2015;4(6):221-223

Anaesthetic Management of a case of alveolar proteinosis

Shahbaz Hasnain, Arun Kumar Patra, Vidyasagar Joshi, Ramprasad

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2015;4(5):224-226

Comparative physicochemical, phytochemical and HPTLC study of stem bark versus small branches of Flacourtia indica

Bhavana Srivastava*, Vikas Chandra Sharma, Ektaa Vashisth, R. Singh, N. K. Pandey, A. D. Jadhav

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2015;4(5):227-231

Antimicrobial activity of Eugenia jambolana seeds against foodborne isolates

Denis Mabeya Ogato*, Eliakim Mbaka Mauti, Godfrey Omare Mauti, David Keno Kowanga, Geoffrey Arasa Ouno

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2015;4(5):232-236

New Epoxy Megastigmane glucoside from Dactyloctenium aegyptium L.P.Beauv Wild (Crowfootgrass)

Akram M. Kayed*, EL- Sayed. M.Elghaly, Atef A. El-Hela

J. of Sci. Inno. Res., 2015;4(5):237-244